AKOWOOD ID 01 is a perfect imitation of wooden logs from various wood types. Each piece is individually handcrafted. Bio-fireplaces decorated with AKOWOOD Original look very attractive.

AKOWOOD Original are designed for the Bio-fireplaces.

AKOWOOD Original will resist heat up to 1080°C. AKOWOOD Original is produced in Europe.

The set "Birch" consists of 5 logs imitating birch wood. DIMENSION: length: 24,5 cm, 24,5 cm, 24,5 cm, 25,5 cm, 26,5 cm.

Akowood ID05 Big Birch

  • Merkki: AKOWOOD
  • Tuotenumero: Akowood ID05 Big Birch
  • 90.00€